Whether your “small” business is very, very small or about to scale up, here are 4 Ways Cricketleg Solutions Can Be Your Solution.

The Virtual Assistant industry is expanding rapidly. It was already growing before Covid. But the pandemic translated into a huge surge in freelance remote workers. It’s a great time to be a V.A.!

Many people, faced with furloughs or decreased work hours, turned to entrepreneurship as a stream of income. And they are hiring V.A.’s, like us, to help them with the tasks they either don’t have the time, skills, or desire to tackle.

Rick and I feel fortunate to have spent most of our adult lives preparing to launch this Virtual Assistant business together. We didn’t know it at the time, but so many of our combined work and volunteer experience and opportunities were V.A. work! And that’s over a couple of decades, people.

That means that we are uniquely poised to provide excellent service to our clients. Our combined skillsets make us a great team. And, we enjoy what we do!

What do we do? Well, read on and you’ll see the 4 Ways Cricketleg Solutions Can Be Your Solution. We know one of these types of services is just right for you!

Consulting Services

Maybe you are a real DIY person. You want, and have time to, do the legwork yourself. But you don’t know where to start. Maybe you need a sounding board, brainstorming team, some tech training, or a strategy consult. Perhaps you’re stuck wondering what platforms you can best utilize to manage the backend of your small business. Or how best to manage your social media channels.

We can come in handy here. Our combined experience will be valuable to you as you navigate through these issues and questions. And many others!

In our initial communications, we try to find out as much as possible about what you are looking for. And if it looks like we could be a good fit for you, we’ll have a video chat. That’s when we can really figure out how we can help you.

Project Services

We often get inquiries about one-time, finite projects for potential clients. Someone just needs a website built…or redesigned. Another client needs help setting up an email funnel or wants some graphics made for their social media channels. A different client may need something “fixed” on their website.

We call “projects” anything that has an end. A client wants something or a group of things done, and that’s all they want. Once the list of things is done, that’s it.

When this request comes in, we’ll get as much detail as possible from you. Then we discuss and estimate the time involved. At that point, we send you a proposal. Accept and we’ll start the ball rolling! Those projects are about to fly off your to-do list!

Ongoing Support

But what if you need help with tasks on the regular? If you’re swamped on a regular basis, then it could be time to outsource some of your recurring tasks to a qualified team. Like us!

We love to get ongoing support clients because we love forging long-term working relationships with people. And, after working with the same people for a little while, things really start to run like a well-oiled machine.

While we do have some set packages listed here, we will provide custom monthly support packages at your request. You can get monthly support in any of the areas we provide, and you can have as few as 5 hours a month. So whether your needs are great or small, we are here to help.

Building a Team

Are you looking to network your support people together as part of a greater whole? We’d love to be a part of your team effort. Yes, this is still technically “ongoing support” but with a little bit of a different vibe.

While some entrepreneurs are outsourcing tasks, some are looking to build teams of people who work separately and together to build their brand. We’re here for that too!

So, What Now?

So, now that you know the 4 Ways Cricketleg Solutions Can Be Your Solution, here’s our advice? Make a list. Sit down and think about your business….

  • What tasks need to be done regularly that I really don’t want to do?
  • What project have I been putting off because I don’t have the time or skills to do it?
  • If I could outsource one thing, what would it be?
  • Are there areas in my business that aren’t getting the attention they need because I’m stuck on admin work?
  • What could I take off my plate and hand over to someone else? How would I then spend my time? What is that time worth to me?

Just think about it. And then work up a plan. Connect with some V.A.’s and set up some free consultations. Find a V.A. that you connect with. And start rocking that business plan!

We’d love the chance to connect with you; maybe Cricketleg Solutions is your solution!