Read Julie’s experience with The Miracle Morning, and her tips on how to make your own Miracle Morning.

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “miracle morning.” This phrase comes from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I read this book a year or so ago and made the commitment to try his SAVERS approach for 30 days to see what would happen.

What is SAVERS? It’s a word to help you remember his suggested steps to creating a miracle morning. So let’s first dive in to this mnemonic device so you know what’s what.


S is for Silence. This could be anything from just sitting quietly to meditating to using an app for guided meditation for a few minutes. The amount of time is up to you. For me, this was a time to pray.

A is for Affirmations. This will be very personal to you. For me, the gist of mine had to do with starting my day with positive thoughts about how I would handle anything that came up. Something like, “No matter what comes my way, I handle things calmly and positively.” Or you might want to describe yourself, like, “I’m am a loving caring spouse, parent, and friend.” It really depends on what you need yourself to hear.

V is for Visualization. You may use your affirmation(s) here. You might visualize yourself handling all the things. Or being that caring person. I like to use a Vision Board (you can see mine in this post). Use whatever approach you need to visualize your day, your goals, etc.

E is for Exercise. It took me years to fall in love with exercise. But once I found what I loved, there was no turning back. I walk my dog, do resistance training, and jump rope. Nearly every day. Find what you enjoy, or what excites you to learn, and stick with it. You’ll get there.

R is for Reading. This is not the time for that exciting novel. This is where you want to reading something inspiring, motivating…whatever gives you the feels to seize the day. For me that can be scriptures, inspiring quotes, a chapter in a self-improvement book, or one of those message-a-day books. A chapter, a verse, 10 or 15 minutes. Just something to get you going.

S is for Scribing. Write. When I experimented with this, I wrote in a gratitude journal. Just a short little paragraph about something I was grateful for. You could write in a regular diary or journal. You could use an app on your phone or computer. Just something to get you writing. Physical writing is powerful, but typing is better than nothing.

How It Went

Like I said, I tried this for 30 days. And I also got up pretty early. Well, pretty early for me. I think it was 5:30 or 6:00am. I haven’t been a morning person for most of my life so this was pretty challenging. But I did it. Most days.

The entire SAVERS routine took me roughly two hours. An hour of that time was exercise (at the time I was just doing resistance training). I’m a slow reader and writer, so those two together took up over half an hour.

I definitely noticed mental benefits pretty quickly (along with a mid-morning nap urge). The SAVERS method helped me to feel set up for the day. Before I had tackled any work, homeschooling, or chores, I already felt accomplished. And that positive energy spilled over into the rest of my tasks for the day.

The habit definitely stuck, but not necessarily in the exact way that Elrod prescribes.

How Things Are Going Now

My biggest takeaway from Elrod’s miracle morning strategy is that my mornings are important and having a routine is crucial. So while I don’t do SAVERS, I have my own morning routine that works for me. I have areas where I can improve for sure, and I’m a little slower to build habits; but I can now say I’m mostly a morning person and I enjoy my mornings more than any other part of the day.

My miracle morning starts with a gracious half hour just to wake up. My phone alarm goes off and I grab my phone and check my notifications. This is taboo to most gurus, but this is what works for me. It takes me a loooong time to wake up. I get on Instagram Reels, usually, and this helps me get going. Having a couple of giggles first thing in the morning has worked well for me!

Once I’m awake, I get dressed in my workout clothes, let the dogs out, feed the dogs, and take the big dog for a 1-mile walk. This is essential for him and a warm-up for me. Then I start my resistance training. After that’s done, it’s time to have fun with jump rope. I like to chronicle my jump rope journey, so I spend a few minutes creating an Instagram Reel of that day’s jumping highlights.

At this point I’m off to shower and get ready, possibly having a fatty coffee substitute for my “breakfast” until I’m hungry enough to eat food. After that, it’s off to homeschool, do client work, chores, hobbies, etc.

So, while I don’t currently do SAVERS just like Elrod, I do have my system. For me, the silence comes in while I’m prepping for the walk. The affirmations and visualizations come during the walk, while I’m either listening to music or a podcast. Exercise is self-explanatory but I’m affirming and visualizing during that too. Reading? I was listening to soft music or nature sounds while doing some scripture art journaling. Haven’t done that in a while and it’s time to re-install that into my morning. Scribing? I’m not so good at that, but blogging sometimes helps me although it is not a daily practice. Where’s my gratitude journal?!

My Advice on How to Make a Miracle Morning

If you want to figure out How to Make a Miracle Morning for yourself I highly recommend reading Hal Elrod’s book, just to get a feel for the strategy and the principles behind it.

After you’ve read it, make a plan to try the SAVERS method as he describes it in the book. I would do it as closely as you can for 30 days. Once those 30 days are up, evaluate how things went. Were you more productive? Which steps contributed the most to that? Do you want to allot more or less time to any of them? Do you want to eliminate any of them that you don’t feel worked for you?

Just really give that 30-day experiment a thorough once over. If you stuck with it the whole time, you will surely have noticed improvements. And you probably even made some mental notes of how you would like to customize it.

The point is not necessarily to copy Elrod‘s strategy precisely. The point, to me anyway, is to use it as a starting point to create your own unique and custom morning plan. That plan should help you be happier, more productive, more fit mentally and physically, and more capable of handling things throughout the day.

And don’t forget to keep an open mind for anything that needs to be tweaked. There’s a difference between discipline and inflexibility. Life changes. Your needs can change. So discipline yourself to stick with the principle and execution. But if something is honestly not working, change it so that it does.

Best of luck to you, and come back here to share what morning miracles you’ve been able to perform!

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